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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Powerball and Gambling Addiction

One of the forms of addiction that is not talked about enough is gambling addiction. While many people consider the addiction to be less severe than drug addiction or alcoholism, for some people the mere thought of winning something is a drug. Yes, that’s right gambling addicts do not even have to win to get a high. That being said, there are many gambling addicts who will go into severe financial debt, empty college tuition accounts and mortgage a property. Such actions, as one might expect, often result in the breakup of marriages and families.

It should go without saying that this is a hard time for recovering gambling addicts who need to stay away all forms of gambling, including the Powerball. Most Americans are abuzz with excitement of the $1.5 billion jackpot prize, a sum that is likely to have many gambling addicts thinking that they can afford a relapse. But for those who have worked hard to get where they are today, no amount of money is worth a relapse.

“Gambling can absolutely be an addiction,” said therapist Lizzie Kriewald to WAOW. “I think since this has such a higher media coverage that can probably be more worrisome, just because it's more available on the TV and newspapers.”

“It can be a slippery slope for some people. I think that if they were to just go buy one and even if they won a small amount of money, that could get your brain chemicals going then it would kind of keep them continuing to crave for more, and more, and more,” adds Kriewald.

The numbers being drawn tonight could mean that someone will win the largest gambling jackpot in history, which could spell disaster for many gambling addicts in recovery. If you are a recovering gambling addict, and are having strong urges, it is important that you stay close to your support network, especially at times like these.

If you are active in your gambling addiction, Whiteside Manor would like to encourage you to seek help immediately.

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  1. I think I have already developed the gambling addiction. Usually I play Oz Lotto. I try to give up this habit, still I can not take grip of myself. Even when I don't play I still check Oz Lotto results draw by draw.


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