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Friday, August 19, 2016

Cannabis Use Tripled Since 1990s

Both medical marijuana and recreational use legalization in many states has created a lot of concern. Much of the worry that people have is over fears that relaxed cannabis legislation will prompt more people to try or use the drug, especially young people. While it is true that the drug is much more accessible in a number of states, it does not necessarily follow that more Americans will begin to use the controversial drug.

Before we go any further, we would be remiss if it wasn't mention that while marijuana may be more benign in comparison to other mind altering substances, it does mean that use of the drug is safe. It is well documented that cannabis use, specifically heavy use, can lead to a number of problems, such as problems with memory, focus and damage to the lungs if smoked. What’s more, the drug has also been found to wreak havoc on the developing brains of teenagers. Just because use of the drug has gained more acceptance in recent years, does not mean that it is safe.

As was mentioned before, many opponents of lightening up on cannabis have expressed fears that more people will use the drug. Up to now, there has been little research conducted on how new cannabis legislation would affect pre-existing users of the drug, those who used the drug before medical marijuana or recreational use was legalized. However, a new study has found that use of the drug among daily marijuana users has risen dramatically, VICE News reports. What’s more, the researchers found that near-daily cannabis use has tripled since the 1990’s. The findings were published in the Journal of Drug Issues.

The study, "Evolution of the United States Marijuana Market in the Decade of Liberalization Before Full Legalization," showed that two-thirds of marijuana is used by those who are every day smokers, according to the article. Perhaps even more concerning is that the research indicates that 15 percent of all marijuana is used by those who are poverty stricken, spending as much as a quarter of their yearly earnings on the drug.

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