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Friday, July 1, 2016

Independence Day Sobriety

Monday is July 4th, Independence Day. For many Americans it will be a day of festivities involving barbecues, fireworks and alcohol. It is no secret that excessive amounts of alcohol will be consumed across the country, after all, Budweiser renamed their beer America for the summer.

Those working a program of recovery from drugs or alcohol may find the 4th of July to be a challenging day. While addiction takes people to the darkest of places, some in recovery may look back on previous Independence Days with fond memories. However, feelings of nostalgia can be a slippery slope for people working a program and it is paramount that a plan is in place for how you get through the day.

It is vital that you maintain, to the best of your ability, your typical recovery routine. If you have a “home group,” the meeting you attend regularly, make a concerted effort to attend. If you are traveling for the holiday there will likely be a meeting you can get to. In many areas across the country, meetings will be held every hour over the course of the holiday. You can never attend too many meetings, and you may find yourself needing more than one meeting on the Fourth.

The importance of staying close to recovery peers on Monday cannot be overemphasized. It is highly advised that people in recovery have a plan in place for holidays, one that includes the people who have helped you on the road of recovery. What’s more, make sure that your phone is charged, so that if problem arises you can reach out for help with haste.

It is possible to make it through the holiday without picking up a drink or drug. It is easy to forget where mind altering substances take you, especially on holidays. Relapse does not need to be a part of your Independence Day. At Whiteside Manor, we would like to wish everyone a safe and sober holiday.

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