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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Remembering Your Recovery This Christmas

The Christmas week can be a chaotic time for everyone; we often spend so much time thinking about others we forget to focus on ourselves. Rushing around to get everything in order for the big day can be stressful, and can become overwhelming; which for people in recovery can be dangerous and potentially lead to bad decisions that can affect one’s program. Jeopardizing the strength of your program is not a luxury that alcoholics and addicts can afford, it is vital that while you are juggling your Christmas responsibilities that you take time for yourself and keep your own “house” in order.

Christmas time, like any big holiday where copious amounts of alcohol are consumed, requires that people in recovery stay close to their support network, i.e. sponsor and recovery friends. If the seas get rough and the fogs of vulnerability roll in, your support network is the lighthouse that will guide you safely back to shore. It is important to remember that wherever you are, the hand of recovery is always there - never hesitate to ask for help. It is always easier for addicts and alcoholics to call for help before something bad happens, then it is to reach out for assistance after the fact.

Many in recovery have family obligations that they need to attend, but it is important that you walk with caution at family events where people are consuming alcohol. It is wise to limit your exposure to alcohol by leaving such gatherings early, and getting to a meeting or recovery gathering - such as a Christmas dinner being held at a local 12-step meeting house. Those working programs of recovery rely on one another for support, and if you are having a hard time remember that you are not alone. If you are not struggling, it is safe to say that someone who is could use your support.

Whiteside Manor hopes that everyone in recovery will stay safe on Christmas Day. Remember the skills you have learned for coping with hard situations, stay close to recovery network, and try to have fun. It is possible to remain drug and alcohol free during the holiday, and come out on the other side with one’s recovery intact.

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