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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Attorneys General Call for E-Cigarette Regulation

In the unlikely event that you have not been exposed to electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) - here are the details. E-cigarettes are battery powered devices that vaporize liquid nicotine (e-juice) for inhalation. E-juices come in a variety of flavors and levels of nicotine. The devices and liquid nicotine can be purchased in vape shops, gas stations, and online.

While there is still much debate about e-cigarettes with regard to safety and how effective they are for smoking cessation, the fact remains that nicotine in any strength is addictive and can be poisonous at certain levels. Over the last few years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been called upon by lawmakers and health experts to regulate e-cigarettes. Recently, attorneys general from 33 states wrote a letter to the FDA, calling upon the agency to require health warning labels on liquid nicotine, Reuters reports.

"Given the growing popularity of 'tank'-style vaping devices, which require periodic refilling with liquid nicotine, public health threats from nicotine exposure will increase in the absence of appropriate FDA regulation," the attorneys general wrote. 

They would also like to see the FDA establish standards for child-resistant packaging. Last year, poison control centers received more than 3,700 reports of child nicotine exposures, according to the article.

“As more and more Americans – especially young people – take up e-cigarettes, it is more important than ever that the FDA ensures our children are protected from the dangers of liquid nicotine,” Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a news release. “Child-resistant packaging and health warnings are an essential step to keeping these potentially lethal toxins out of the hands of our children. The FDA must step up and regulate the sale and packaging of these dangerous products before any more kids are harmed.”

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