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Friday, January 9, 2015

More Health Information on Alcohol Products

Alcohol, the most commonly abused addictive product sold legally can cause a number of health problems, ultimately cutting peoples' lives short. While most educated people are aware of the dangers associated with consuming alcohol, there is still many who do not understand the roads that alcohol can take them down.

More alcohol is consumed in Europe than in any other part of the world, especially in the United Kingdom. Interestingly, there are very few mandates requiring that alcohol products display health information. Research from the Alcohol Health Alliance UK (AHA) has found that most of the British public would like to see more health information on alcohol product labels, Medical News Today reports.

The findings come from a nationwide survey which showed that 83% of people support the placement of health impact labels on alcohol bottles, and 87% support a warning label telling pregnant women to abstain from alcohol.

The AHA survey found that 91% of people think it is important to know how alcohol can affect health. The data showed that many people, just under half (47 percent) did not know that alcohol use could lead to cancer. The researchers found that 31 percent, less than a third, of people were unaware of alcohol's link to breast cancer and only 50 percent of people knew that alcohol use was tied to mouth/throat cancer.

"The complete lack of health information on many alcohol products is indefensible. It's not right that labeling is mandatory for a box of corn flakes but not for alcoholic products which can seriously harm health. The public should have this information to allow them to make an informed choice,” said Sir Ian Gilmore, Chair of the Alcohol Health Alliance UK and Special Advisor on Alcohol to the Royal College of Physicians. “It's about time the government took action to make this possible and started listening to the people rather than big business."

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