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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

FRA Drug and Alcohol Regulations Delayed

Every day millions of tons of freight and millions of people are transported across the country via railroad, which is no easy task. Making sure that everyone charged with this work is at their best both mentally and physically is crucial in order to avoid accidents like derailments and collisions.

In July, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) proposed new drug and alcohol testing requirements for railroad track workers, according to The Hill. However, last week the FRA announced that it will hold on any implementation and extend the comment period at the request of industry groups.

Testing railroad employees is not a new concept, for years the FRA has required that engineers, conductors and dispatchers be tested for drugs and alcohol. It makes sense that track workers should fall under the same testing requirement considering that, “(Track workers) directly affect the safety of railroad operations, because they work on or near railroad tracks, operate on-track or fouling equipment and assist in directing trains through work areas,” the agency wrote.

The new drug and alcohol testing proposal comes in the wake of a 2012 report by the Amtrak Inspector’s office. The report indicated a growing number of Amtrak employees were testing positive for alcohol and drugs, predominantly cocaine and marijuana.

The Amtrak Inspectors Office found that drug and alcohol use by conductors, mechanics and engineers greatly exceeds the national average for the industry. Signal operators and mechanics tested positive for drugs four times as much as those working for other railroads.

The FRA’s public commenting period has been extended to November 25, 2014.

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