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Friday, February 14, 2014

Popular Internet Drinking Game Potentially Deadly

English: Zamboni (drinking game) set up
People who drink alcohol hardly need encouragement when it comes to making risky choices. When people consume alcohol their inhibitions are drastically diminished with every drink, often leading to drunk driving, unsafe sex practices, and violence. Now, the internet is playing a role in dangerous drinking practices and the result has been the death of two young men and more will undoubtedly follow.

“Neknomination” is an Internet drinking game that is circling the globe, participants are encouraged to make bad decisions while drinking and the results are posted online, according to ABC News. The game consists of a person quickly consuming a mixture of alcohol and something else, sometimes dangerous ingredients like motor oil. The drinker then nominates two other people to do something even more outrageous.

The mixture of drinks can include just about anything, participants seemingly have little regard for the danger associated with consuming the chosen ingredients. Players are encouraged to drive while under the influence or perform stunts, such as back flips, while drunk.

The game originated in Australia, but has also become popular in Great Britain and Canada. 

The Director of Alcohol and Drugs at Public Health England, Rosanna O’Connor, said, “The game’s encouragement of participants to outdo each other with ever more reckless stunts brings with it significant risks of alcohol-related harm including acute intoxication, accidents and injury. There is also the potential for cyber bullying of those who are seen to ‘chicken out.’ It has already cost lives and we would advise anyone against taking part in the game to avoid putting themselves in a potentially dangerous situation.”
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