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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Colorado Treatment Centers Gear Up for Teenage Marijuana Patients

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It is now legal for people to purchase marijuana in Colorado for recreational use as long as you are a resident of the state and are over 21 years of age. Just as teens waited outside liquor stores for people to buy them alcohol, it is likely that the same practice will occur for marijuana. In the wake of legalization, substance abuse treatment centers are gearing up for more teen referrals for marijuana use, ABC News reports.

Obviously, there is no precedence for legal recreational marijuana use in the United States and treatment centers do not want to be unprepared for the expected surge of adolescents requiring treatment. Dr. Christian Thurstone, the head of a teen rehabilitation center has doubled his staff. Thurstone claims that 95 percent of patient referrals to the program are for marijuana use.

He told ABC News that after legalization of medical marijuana in 2009, Colorado teens had access to much higher potency marijuana. Thurstone believes that marijuana can be harmful to teenagers, especially those with pre-existing mental illness. “Our kids are presenting more severe addictions; it takes them longer to get a clean urine drug screen,” he said.

“Anecdotally, yes, we’re seeing kids in treatment here who have paranoia and seeing things and hearing things that aren’t there,” he said. “Adolescent exposure to marijuana [raises] risk of permanent psychosis in adulthood.”

The University of Colorado Hospital Center for Dependency, Addiction and Rehabilitation has seen an increase in patients addicted to marijuana since medical marijuana came into play. Ben Court, an addictions expert at the university says the younger people are when they begin consistently using marijuana, the greater the chances for addiction.

 “Most people are going to smoke weed and it’s not going to be an issue. By 18 to 24, your odds are less than 1 in 10 that you’re going to be addicted,” Court said. “If you start under 18, it’s 1 in 6.”
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