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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Synthetic Drugs Imported Legally From China

Despite attempts to combat synthetic drugs in the United States, huge quantities are being imported into the country legally, CBS News reports.

China is now the prime exporter of synthetic marijuana, according to Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Doug Coleman. In fact, a Chinese chemical compound manufacturer found online by CBS, offered to ship two pounds of synthetic marijuana for $2,500.

Last year, the federal government outlawed synthetic marijuana, known primarily as “Spice,” as well as several other synthetic drugs like “bath salts.” But, despite the bans, the chemists responsible for producing synthetic drugs continue to elude authorities by slightly altering the chemical compounds. The chemical compounds that have not been banned can still be imported into the U.S. legally, according to Coleman.

Synthetic drugs continue to be popular due to the fact that most drug tests are not capable of identifying the chemical compounds. Most people are unaware of just how dangerous synthetic drugs like Spice and K2 really are, being responsible for a number of emergency room cases and even fatalities.

“It’s like whack a mole,” Coleman told CBS News. “They pop their head up, we hit them, they go down and then they pop their head up in another spot. It’s always a cat-and-mouse game. This is just a more advanced type of cat-and-mouse because now we’ve got chemists manufacturing synthetic drugs as opposed to cartel members trafficking heroin, or coke, or methamphetamine.”
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