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Friday, November 22, 2013

New York Raises Tobacco Legal Age

Michael Bloomberg - Caricature
       Michael Bloomberg       (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)
In May 2014, 18-year olds will no longer be able to purchase tobacco products in the state of New York, according to the Wall Street Journal. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a bill this week, raising the minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21.

The new law “will prevent young people from experimenting with tobacco when they are most likely to become addicted,” Mayor Bloomberg said in a news release.

About 80 percent of all smokers started before they were 21, according to the report. The rate of teenage smoking in New York City is 8.5 percent.

On top of raising the legal age, the law creates:
  • Penalties for evading cigarette taxes.
  • Bans discounts on cigarette sales.
  • Requires inexpensive cigars to be sold in packages of no fewer than four.
  • Sets a minimum price of $10.50 for packs of cigarettes and little cigars.
At the signing ceremony for the bill, Bloomberg stated that, “People always try to put things like selling cigarettes in the context of jobs and whether or not it helps or hurts stores. I think that is just so outrageously misplaced. This is an issue of whether we’re going to kill people. This century a billion people will die from smoking around the world. And we don’t want any of the people to die to be New Yorkers.”
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