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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Doctors Feel Unprepared Treating Addiction

In the ever evolving world of modern medicine addiction training continues to be at the forefront of important fields of understanding. Adequately managing pain amongst addicts who are hospitalized is one of the most challenging issues for new doctors as well as seasoned doctors.

Unfortunately, more than half of internal medicine residents at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston claim they were not sufficiently trained in addiction disorders, according to a new survey which was conducted last year. The survey showed that residents rated their substance abuse training as fair to poor, Health Canal reports. Many said they were not prepared to diagnose or treat addiction or substance use disorders.

“Our residents estimated that one in four hospital inpatients has a substance use disorder, which matches what other studies have found and represents a disease prevalence similar to that of diabetes,” lead author Sarah Wakeman, MD said in a news release. “Finding that the majority of residents feel unprepared to treat addiction and rate the quality of their education so low represents a tremendous disparity between the burden of disease and the success of our current model of training.”

Adequate training about substance abuse disorder, treatment, and pain management not only saves lives but also saves taxpayers billions each year. Studies have shown time and time again that the better prepared doctors are in the field of addiction the better off society is as a whole.
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