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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Affordable Care Act Will Save Millions

In the past of those who often require treatment for their addiction most have been unable to get the help they so desperately require. Fortunately, due to new laws and fiscal redirection, many more will be able to receive treatment. The Affordable Care Act will help between 3 million and 5 million new patients receive addiction treatment, according to the Associated Press. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction will be accessible, making recovery a reality for those who once thought changing their life was a dream.

Only 1 cent of every healthcare dollar in the United States is used for addiction treatment, the AP reports. Of the 23 million Americans dealing with substance abuse, only 10 percent receive treatment, according to new government figures. The lack of health insurance has been the number one reason for the countless people not receiving treatment. Come January, new healthcare reform will help millions of people get insurance thus having access to treatment. The number of people seeking addiction treatment could double, the article notes.

“There is no illness currently being treated that will be more affected by the Affordable Care Act than addiction,” Tom McLellan, CEO of the nonprofit Treatment Research Institute, told the AP. “That’s because we have a system of treatment that was built for a time when they didn’t understand that addiction was an illness.”
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