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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sampling Alcohol in College Classes

One of the most argued laws in our great nation is the legal drinking age of 21. America has one of the most conservative drinking ages of the western countries despite the large amount of alcohol consumed every year throughout the country. Every year thousands of 17 and 18 year old students go off to college, some of whom enter culinary programs where the creation of food and beverages that contain alcohol occurs. In order to make sure a drink or plate of food has the proper taste the student has to sample what they made which is technically illegal under the current federal law.

In the state of Washington a bill was recently approved allowing college students, under the age of twenty-one but over the age of 18, to taste but not consume alcohol in classes, according to the Associated Press. The bill approved by the Washington senate applies to culinary and beer technology college programs.

Supporters of the bill believe that the proposal would improve the applicable educational programs. Opponents of the bill, such as Senator Jim Hargrove, are concerned the measure is the first step towards lowering the drinking age, enlarging access to alcohol.

The students are required to be supervised by faculty or staff when sampling the alcohol. 

The bill will now be considered by the state House.
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