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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Private Marijuana Clubs in Colorado

While the prohibition of marijuana continues throughout the country, users in Colorado and Washington are singing a different tune. It seems that recreational users in the two states may actually go unpunished and be allowed to use the drug much like people use alcohol - at clubs, bars, and social gatherings. In Colorado, for instance, some people celebrated New Year’s Eve in private marijuana clubs, which operated for the first time under the state’s new marijuana law.

Denver's Club 64, named after the new law Amendment 64 was one club that brought in the new year "up in smoke." Attendees of the party filled out an online application and paid $30 to join, which for many users was a small price to pay to be allowed to use their drug of choice without fear of punishment.

The party included several hundred smokers, according to Robert Corry, the club's attorney. He went on to say, "we're emerging from the shadows of prohibition, so there's a lot of pent-up demand and interest." Party goers brought their own marijuana to the gathering, as the new law allows individuals to possess up to one ounce of marijuana, and to grow six marijuana plants, but they can only smoke in private spaces like their homes or private clubs like Club 64.

In December, President Obama said people who use marijuana in Colorado and Washington State, should no longer be a top priority for federal law enforcement. While Obama said he does not currently support widespread legalization of the drug, he recognizes that public opinion on the issue is changing and the country has limited government resources to punish people who use the drug.

According to the law, the state legislature in Colorado will form laws governing the licensing and selling of marijuana despite it still being against federal law to possess or sell marijuana.
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