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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bradley Cooper And A Moment of Clarity

English: Actor Bradley Cooper addresses the cr...
Actor Bradley Cooper addresses the crew aboard aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76), under way in the Gulf of Oman, July 13, 2009, during a United Service Organizations (USO) tour. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moment of Clarity

If you are in recovery from addiction or if you have a loved one in recovery, then chances are you have heard the phrase moment of clarity. Members of Alcoholics Anonymous (and other Anonymous groups) will talk about their moment of clarity. A simple definition of a moment of clarity is that one moment in time when one comes to realize that he or she has "had enough" and finally reaches out for help. Help can come from many sources, but deep down inside the person suffering from the disease of addiction reaches bottom and they know they need help and they are willing to accept help.

Of course, not every alcoholic or addict is lucky enough to live long enough to experience a moment of clarity, but those that do often find ways to share their story with their family members, friends, and others. A person in recovery shares because they never really know when their story might help someone else reach a moment of clarity.

Celebrities' Moments of Clarity

The news often provides stories about celebrities who are struggling with their addiction or have found recovery. Sometimes the news is happy and hopeful, even inspiring; however, just as often we read about the death of a celebrity as a result of their addiction or addictive behavior.

Today the news was peppered with articles dealing with Bradley Cooper and his struggle with addiction and his sobriety. Yes, this is the same Bradley Cooper that most of us know from movies like Hangover and Hangover Part II. His film and television credits are numerous and in 2011 People Magazine named him Sexiest Man Alive.

Bradley Cooper's Moment of Clarity

When Mr. Cooper was 29 he tells of how he was at a party and he deliberately banged his head against a concrete floor. He found himself spending the night in a Los Angeles' hospital.  People Magazine borrowing a quote from Bradley's interview with the Hollywood Reporter reports:
"I don't drink or do drugs anymore. Being sober helps a great deal … I remember looking at my life, my apartment, my dogs [when I was still using], and I thought, 'What's happening?' I was so concerned what you thought of me, how I was coming across, how I would survive the day. I always felt like an outsider. I just lived in my head. I realized I wasn't going to live up to my potential, and that scared the hell out of me. I thought, 'Wow, I'm actually gonna ruin my life. I'm really gonna ruin it.'"
Bradley Cooper is now 37 and still sober. Today his story of sobriety might just reach someone who needs to hear it. 

Christopher Kennedy Lawford's Moments of Clarity

In 2009 Christopher Kennedy Lawford published his book Moments of Clarity: Voices From the Front Lines of Addiction.  It is a bestseller and presents a compilation of 42 essays by ordinary people and celebrities recalling the moment that led them to reach out for help. If you have not read the book, you might find it interesting. It is available in all the usual places, Amazon and Barnes & Noble; additionally you can buy the Kindle or Nook version.

National Recovery Month 

September is National Recovery Month.  People all over the United States will attend events and many will share their moment of clarity.  The 2012 theme for National Recovery Month is Join the Voices For Recovery ...It's Worth It.

If you are looking for a National Recovery Month event in your neighborhood, you can visit their Community Events page.  You can search for events by entering your zip code and selecting a radius.  For example, searching within 10 miles of our zip code 92501, there are 13 events planned.

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