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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Hooked On Adderall

English: 20mg extended release capsule of Adderall
 20mg extended release capsule of Adderall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
“No one seems to think that it’s a real thing — adults on the outside looking in,” the boy said. “The other kids in rehab thought we weren’t addicts because Adderall wasn’t a real drug. It’s so underestimated.”
The "boy" quoted above recently completed seven months at a drug rehabilitation center, after suffering convulsions and hallucinations as a result of taking 400 milligrams of Adderall.  Use and abuse of Adderall is not what makes this story news. What draws attention to the headline is that Adderall abuse is now close to routine in high schools across the nation. The New York Times reports:
"At high schools across the United States, pressure over grades and competition for college admissions are encouraging students to abuse prescription stimulants, according to interviews with students, parents and doctors. Pills that have been a staple in some college and graduate school circles are going from rare to routine in many academically competitive high schools, where teenagers say they get them from friends, buy them from student dealers or fake symptoms to their parents and doctors to get prescriptions." 
The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) lists Adderall, Ritalin and Focalin as Class 2 controlled substances. They are highly addictive and most teenagers are not aware of the legal repercussions: Giving or selling such drugs to another person can be prosecuted as a felony!

Young students and their parents need to be informed as to the risks of abusing Adderall. Achieving excellent grades and entrance into college via this type of abuse will not pay-off in the long run.

In May 2011, NBC's Today Show went undercover to report on Adderall abuse among college students. Watch a Today Investigates report.

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