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Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Sobriety App Available

AA meeting sign
AA meeting sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Alcoholics Anonymous is a community. It is what one might call a social community. Working a program of recovery relies a lot on staying in touch with your "sober community." Attending AA meetings on a regular basis, meeting with your home group, staying in touch with your sponsor, being of service, sharing your experience, faith and hope are all ways of staying in touch. Additionally, someone in recovery will do daily meditations, read from The Big Book, journal about their day...and find ways to have sober fun. These are all part of the miracle of recovery.

In today's world our lives are busy and participating in any kind of social network (real or virtual) can consume a lot of time. We walk, talk, and text all at the same time, because after all it is what we do. Do you have a smartphone? Do you download apps (free or not) to make your life just a bit more interesting, orderly and managed?

We thought you might like to learn about a new app.  It is called Mobile MORE® Field Guide to Life. It can be purchased by visiting Hazelden's web site here.  According to a recent New York Times article:
"The Hazelden app isn’t the only one aimed at recovering alcoholics. Others, like AA Steps Away, the Sobriety Date Calculator and Friend of Bill, let people in recovery stay connected to their progress. The Hazelden app, released in January, quickly made the list of the top-grossing Apple book apps.
The Hazelden app sells for $6.99, and is available to anyone, not just former Hazelden residents. It is currently available only on Apple devices; an Android version is set for release in August."
You might like to preview the app by watching this video provided by Hazelden. It is pretty impressive...

So what do you think?  You might want to share this information with some of your friends. You never know, having this app could be just the right tool for someone who is struggling to manage their day in recovery.
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