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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

College Students Home For The Summer- Watch For Alcoholism Signs

Over the next couple of weeks many college students will be returning home for the summer. This may be the first time a college student is living with their parents since leaving for school in the fall. It is an exciting time, but also a time for adjustments. After all, the student is used to living on their own, coming and going as they please, partying, staying up late, not having to be part of a family dynamic. Now as the returning student stands on the doorstep with bags in hand they face having to be accountable for their actions, their comings and goings, maybe even getting a summer job. But what if a parent sees changes that indicate the student has now turned to alcohol as a way to cope?

The experts continue to study alcoholism. They look for scientific reasons for addiction. As Dr. Mee-Lee of Castle Medical Center in Oahu, HI, says:
"Early life experiences, patterns of drinking in your family, your parents, whatever...it certainly can relate to exposure. If you have more opportunities to drink, your peer group drinks a lot, they will all encourage that. Sometimes, it's genetics.”
So...what should parents do if they see signs of mood changes, over-indulgence, behavior changes? First, pay attention; don't think that alcoholism or substance abuse can't happen in your family. Second, start a conversation. Third, seek advice.

Here you can learn more from Dr. Mee-Lee in this special news report. 

Summer is coming. You can make it a healthy summer.
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