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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prescription Drugs and Alcohol

As the nation mourns the loss of Grammy Award winning superstar Whitney Houston, people are wondering how this can happen. Unfortunately, Houston’s story is not unique, not just in Hollywood but across the country. Houston’s toxicology report has not come back yet, but many experts believe that her death involved a deadly cocktail of alcohol and prescription drugs, like Xanax.

Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson, and Anna Nicole Smith are all believed to have died in part from prescription drug overdoses - painkillers, sedatives and stimulants. Whenever those drugs are mixed with alcohol you have one deadly cocktail. One’s liver can only filter and process so much at one time, mixing drugs and alcohol together is often too much for the liver to handle causing an overdose.

In 2007 some 27,000 Americans died from unintentional prescription drug overdoses - prescription drugs a more common cause of accidental death in many states than car crashes. We need to work harder to educate people about the risks of mixing prescription drugs with alcohol if we are ever going to stop this terrible trend.

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