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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Assisted Living Residents Drinking

As we get older the potential for needing assistance becomes much greater. Assisted living is sometimes unavoidable due to a number of factors. It turns out that most people who require assisted living drink alcohol according to a new report. Researchers asked more than 800 nursing aides in facilities about behaviors they had observed with their residents. Their responses suggest nearly 70 percent of assisted living residents drank alcohol, according to The New York Times.

Every facility has different rules regarding alcohol, according to the newspaper. Some facilities have bans on drinking alcohol, others allow it and even have happy hours.

In the past three months:
  • More than one-third of residents drank daily
  • 12 percent had abused alcohol—defined as drinking enough to cause physical or psychosocial harm
  • Almost 20 percent of residents had experienced an apparent influence on their health from drinking

As we get older drinking can have much more serious effects on our health; drinking can lead to more falls, high blood pressure, depression, and other illnesses and accidents. Residents of such facilities require multiple medications, which can interact with alcohol, said lead researcher Nicholas G. Castle of the University of Pittsburgh. Despite all the potential for harm, he said he is not recommending a ban on alcohol in assisted living facilities. “Taking away things elders enjoy is the last thing we want to do.” Although, he added that in small amounts, alcohol can stimulate appetites, which could benefit some patients. The results are published in Research on Aging.

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