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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

ADHD Drugs In Short Supply

51.5 million prescriptions for ADHD medication were prescribed in 2010 and more and more people are finding it harder to find a place that can fill their prescription. Dr. Nancy Snyderman has found that production shortages, underground markets, and the DEA putting limits on how much of these types of drugs can be produced every year have a lot to do with the shortages.

A number of people get prescriptions for the drug not for ADHD but rather to help them study for heavy college class loads, allowing them to study longer and more attentively. While amphetamines are highly addictive they have also proven to be quite effective for those dealing with attention disorders. If those people cannot get their hands on the medication they require their quality of life will be disrupted.

Please watch the short video below about the report:

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