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Friday, December 23, 2011

NFL Quarterback Erik Kramer's Son Dies

Heroin takes the life of another young man according to a Los Angeles coroner's office: The 18-year-old son of former NFL quarterback Erik Kramer, a Thousand Oaks High School backup quarterback Griffen Kramer.

Kramer was found dead in an Agoura Hills home on October 30, 2011. The toxicological report shows the teenager died of acute morphine heroin toxicity, according to the Ventura County Star. Investigators were informed by friends who were with Kramer during the time of the incident that Griffen began foaming at the mouth after using heroin. One of his friends decided to bring him home and laid him down to sleep it off. The teen was found dead the next morning.

Five people have been arrested in connection with the death of Kramer. There was clearly some negligence, considering that Kramer should have been taken to the hospital after he began foaming at the mouth. A common response to a friend overdosing is the thought that you will be arrested for taking someone who has overdosed to the hospital, which typically is not the case. Sadly, Kramer would probably have lived had he been taken to the hospital.

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