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Friday, November 25, 2011

Holidays Can be Hard

The holidays are time when people come together to celebrate, families and friends engaging in festive activities. Alcohol use typically spikes around this time of year and for those dealing with addiction it is often the hardest time of the year. It is probably fair to say that more relapses happen between the Thanksgiving and New Years than any other part of the year.

Drinking and driving is another major holiday problem; with the constant flow of parties it is easy for one to have too many drinks and get behind the wheel. Alcohol related accidents are almost a given in every city in America during the holidays. Police forces around the country need to double their efforts this time of year to keep drunk drivers off the streets.

It is extremely important that those working a program of recovery stay close to their support network. Relapse can be avoided if one is willing to call for help; there should always be at least three people who you can get a hold of and if nothing else call the Central Office.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving and if something unfortunate did occur do not be afraid to reach out for help.

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