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Friday, October 7, 2011

Marijuana Related Auto Accidents

While marijuana may not be the worst drug on the planet there are still dangers associated with the drug, especially if one is driving under the influence of it. Like every other drug, marijuana affects everyone differently; people who have low tolerances for marijuana, those who occasionally smoke can have a whole host of side effects occur which may make driving more difficult and make accidents much more likely.

A new review of studies has shown that people who test positive for marijuana or drive within three hours of using are twice as likely to be in automobile accident compared to those that do not. The data from nine different studies were combined by researchers at Columbia University in New York, according to Science Daily. Their findings showed that the more often a person self-reported marijuana use was associated with a higher risk of having an accident. Higher traces of marijuana in one's urine showed a higher risk of having a crash.

28 percent of drivers, who died in an accident, and more than 11 percent of drivers in general, tested positive for drugs with marijuana being the most common. There was only one study out of the 9 that the data was gathered from that did not show that people who use marijuana are more likely to have an accident.

Marijuana may be safer than other illegal drugs; however, it can still impair one's judgement as well as motor skills to the point that it may be dangerous to operate a vehicle.

The results appear in the journal Epidemiologic Reviews.

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