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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Florida Prescription Drug Database Online

Prescription drug abuse in Florida is a problem that has had state officials and law enforcement scrambling to find a solution. Federal authorities estimate that 85 percent of oxycodone is sold in Florida. This week Florida launched their prescription drug monitoring system which should help doctors and pharmacists more easily track patients who have been abusing the system. Health care workers who use the new database will receive reports on patient prescription histories.

At the moment the database is not a mandatory requirement, but, Florida state senator and a key supporter of the new legislation, Mike Fasano, told the Orlando Sentinel he will propose a bill next year to make its use compulsory. The new system requires doctors and pharmacies to report the narcotics that they prescribe and dispense every week.

The only way the new system will work is if all health professionals begin using it. Anyone who refuses to use the database is adding to the problem, throwing more fuel on the raging fire burning in Florida. Hopefully, as time goes on the database will go national, states will be able to work together to curb the epidemic.

We will be following the success or failure of the new program as time goes on, but it seems like Florida is on the right track.

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