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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Substance Abuse Prevention Grants

Every year millions of dollars are spent in an effort to prevent drug and alcohol abuse. Substance abuse prevention is no easy task and methods vary from state to state, neighborhood to neighborhood. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced that they will be awarding 46 grants totaling $22.5 million for substance abuse prevention efforts.

Medical News Today reports that grants like these are put in place to help states conduct planning activities centered on emerging challenges in preventing substance abuse. The grants also will help states improve:
  • data collection
  • analysis and reporting systems
  • coordinate services
  • provide technical assistance and training
“These new grants are designed to help states, and better position communities to reach America’s young people before they become involved with alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco and abuse prescription drugs,” said SAMHSA Administrator Pamela S. Hyde.

The more money that can be channeled to substance abuse prevention programs, the better. The prescription drug epidemic is an ever growing problem and people need to be educated about the dangers of such drugs. People need to realize that prescription drugs are no safer than illegal drugs and have the same propensity for addictive behavior. Teenagers and young adults have increasingly taken an interest in prescription narcotics because they share the misconception that these drugs are somehow less harmful.

The grant program is part of SAMHSA’s Prevention of Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Strategic Initiative.

The whole list of grants be awarding can be found on the SAMHSA website.

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