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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oscar De La Hoya Tells All

Rarely does an alcoholic get to share their story with the entire world; most are limited to sharing their stories within 12-step circles. Celebrities have a large part of the world watching their every move and listening to their stories, especially when one is willing to come forward and share their demons of addiction with the world. As was the case for former boxing superstar Oscar De La Hoya, who recently shared his tale of addiction, suicidal thoughts, and extramarital affairs with the entire world during an interview on Univision.

Oscar's move is not new, a number of celebrities in the past have lent their strength by telling their story on public television or in a personal memoir. There are a number of people within the 12-step community who are against such acts, but there are also those who feel that if more people came forward with their story that someone might be reached through their words and may decide to start their own journey towards recovery and a better life.

  • He contemplated suicide, but didn't have the courage to follow through.
  • He is an alcoholic who also began using cocaine in the last two years.
  • He was unfaithful to his wife, Millie, and the pair separated for a time.

"My life was a big mess," De La Hoya told Rodriguez. "Rock bottom was recently, within a couple of years. [Me] just thinking, 'Is my life even worth it?' I don't have the strength, I don't have the courage, to take my own life. But I was thinking about it. It got to that point." Oscar entered a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility in Malibu, Calif., earlier this year and got his life back on track feeling the need to share his story. Hopefully, De La Hoya's recovery will help others who are struggling with the disease get the courage they need to change their own life.

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