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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Economy Causes Alcohol Ban Lifts

There are a number of states that have counties that are considered "dry" for the fact they do not permit the sale of alcohol. The economic recession has prompted citizens to rethink their alcohol policies in order to increase revenue. In Harrison, Arkansas, merchants started selling beer and wine this year, the Associated Press reports. They hope that alcohol sales will bring in $200,000 more a year; alcohol-related sales taxes and fees represent about 1 percent of the budget. People who disapprove of the use of alcohol are willing to put their beliefs aside for the sake of putting food on the table.

Supporters of the ban lifting think that the "Dry" laws actually encourage people to drink more because they are buying in bulk and cut down on the length of tourists stays in the area because there is no alcohol.“We’re a pretty poor county, and we just can’t afford to say we don’t want anyone’s business,” Gerald Ragland, Harrison’s Finance Director, told the AP. Ever since the ban was lifted locals claim that tourists are staying in the area longer.

In the South there are number of "Dry" counties and they are considering changing over as well. People opposed to lifting the law in Harrison believe that prohibiting alcohol sales cuts back on crime and underage drinking. While both sides make valid points, there is no question that drugs and alcohol are what a lot of people are looking toward to subsidize their income. Back in 2003 a number of dry laws were rid of because the state made wet/dry elections much easier to conduct according to Distilled Spirits Council of the United States.

It's a real "catch 22", people either drink and can afford to live, or they don't and people go hungry.

What are your thoughts?

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