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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Smoking Cigarettes More Dangerous For Women

Smoking cigarettes effects everyone differently, some people smoke cigarettes for decades and experience little side-effects; however, as modern medicine has proved most people who smoke are highly suceptable to health problems. New research has shown that female smokers are 25 percent more likely than male smokers to develop heart disease, according to a study conducted at the University of Minnesota.

Women may be more likely than men to absorb more of the carcinogens and other toxic substances in cigarettes, but women tend to smoke fewer cigarettes than men, so they may be smoking more of each cigarette, according to lead researcher Rachel Huxely in USA Today.

Data from 75 studies, which included nearly 4 million people, on heart disease risk and smoking was reviewed by Huxely and her colleagues. They found women’s risk of heart disease increased by 2 percent for each year a woman smoked, compared with men who smoked for the same length of time. “Tobacco-control programs should consider women, particularly in those countries where smoking among young women is increasing in prevalence,” the researchers wrote in The Lancet.

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