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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Canadian Crack Pipe Project

Crack cocaine is a serious drug that has destroyed countless lives since it first hit the streets; it has played a part in the loss of families, loss of life, and the spread of disease. In no time at all it can latch on to people and completely disrupt one’s ability to function in society.

A number of people believe that crack cocaine abuse has been replaced by methamphetamine because it is cheaper and lasts longer. However, the fact is that crack cocaine abuse is still a major problem all over the world. In Canada, health officials are experimenting with a new program that would not only reduce the spread of disease but also give health care workers the ability to interact face to face with crack cocaine addicts and abusers.

In Vancouver, Canada health officials announced that they will be conducting a pilot project to distribute clean, unused crack pipes to drug users later this year, part of a “harm reduction” program, according to CBS News. In other parts of Canada, such as Calgary and Winnipeg, local health authorities hand out crack pipes.

This program comes in the wake of a government-sanctioned facility in Canada that medically supervises the injection of illegal drugs, which a study has found that the program reduced fatal overdoses. Drug users are supervised while they inject cocaine or heroin in a part of Canada that had one of the highest rates of fatal overdoses.

The injection program is known as Insite; a study found that Insite reduced drug overdose deaths by 35 percent.

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