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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bath Salts Hit Maine Hard

Bath salt abuse continues to prove to be a serious epidemic that parents and health professionals should be concerned with. We still do not know all the health problems that are associated with abusing bath salts. What we do know is that they cause hallucinations that often lead to suicidal thoughts which some people have acted on. This epidemic has spread across the country like a wildfire and is now showing up in poison control centers in the state of Maine.

The Northern New England Poison Control Center received 110 calls about bath salts—87 of them from Maine—between January and July, compared with just one call in 2010. The Associated Press reports the state of Maine passed a bill last spring that makes bath salts illegal, but, the problems with the synthetic drug continues. Bangor Police Sergeant Paul Edwards told the AP, “It just seems that we’ve gone from nothing to this rage, this outpouring of cases of people on bath salts.”

Anyone who has used bath salts recreationally should be concerned and do everything in their power to stay away from these dangerous synthetic drugs that have sent so many people to the emergency room. Those who may be considering using bath salts need only read the news reports of the dangers associated with using bath salts.

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