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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tribeca Twelve Sober Residence

Teenagers who have a substance abuse problem and are in recovery face a difficult challenge when heading off to college. Staying on a straight path can be challenging with a campus full of young aspiring academics who are up for a party on the drop of a dime. College is a time where a whole host of influences cross one's path and it is very easy for those students in recovery to think that they can have just "one". In an attempt to combat such pressure, a number of colleges have set up dorms where the residents all have a common goal of staying clean and sober. A new recovery residence program is slated to open in New York City this fall, which will be run by a prestigious drug and alcohol treatment program that operates across the country.

The new residence hall is not designed to serve only one college which is what makes this place of residence unique; the hall will be open to students at colleges throughout Manhattan, including Columbia University and New York University (NYU). It is located in the trendy Tribeca neighborhood close to NYU and operated in clinical partnership with the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. The idea for the program will be modeled off of the StepUP program at Augsburg College in Minneapolis, which is a recovery program that has been housing students for 15 years, according to Mark Mishek, President and CEO of the treatment center involved.

The residence Hall Tribeca Twelve will be able to hold 30 students and it is not cheap, with prices ranging dorm $5,000 to $5,500 per month–compared with $14,000-$16,000 per year for NYU. Mishek says he expects the money students would be typically loaned for housing at their own university would be applicable towards the Tribeca Twelve and health insurance may help out with costs as well...

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