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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nike Under Fire for Dope

Out of all the companies in the country to receive flack for drug references, Nike might be the last you would think of. With their live strong, objectify me attitude geared towards encouraging people to be at the top of their physical performance, it is hard to believe that they would ever encourage the use of illicit drugs. However, citizens of Boston's Back Bay felt that a new marketing campaign by Nike was inappropriate and seemingly condoned the use of drugs or references to such things.

After refusing a request from Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino to remove shirts that said "DOPE" and "Get High" from their store windows, Nike has come to its senses or at least is willing to appease their customers. The Niketown store in a Back Bay neighborhood removed the T-shirts after issuing a statement last week explaining that the T-shirts are part of an action sports campaign, and they do not condone the use of banned or illegal substances, according to the Boston Herald. Menino wrote a letter to Nike, claiming that the shirts displayed contained drug references and profanity that “are out of keeping with the character of Boston’s Back Bay, our entire city, and our aspirations for our young people…not to mention common sense.”

“It’s good news that Nike has removed the display. It’s inappropriate and we will continue to make sure that all displays in our city do not promote the use of drugs. It is unacceptable and we’re happy they agree", Dot Joyce told the newspaper, a spokeswoman for Menino. Whether or not the T-shirts could be misconstrued by people who think in some way the biggest athletic company in the world somehow, now, condoned drug use is not the point, people were unhappy and Nike responded.

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