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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Graduation, Prom, and Drunk Driving

The end of the school year for most families is an especially gratifying time for everyone. Another year gone by and for some peoples' children there will be a graduation and the next chapter of education will begin as they trudge the road to adulthood. Unfortunately, this time of the year is also a time of increased underage drinking which is usually accompanied by drunk driving. Parents need to be extra vigilante with keeping a close eye on their kids' behavior; it only takes one bad choice to alter a lifetime. Teenagers are going to drink upon graduation nine times out of ten; knowing this fact the goal should be limiting the opportunities for them to get behind the wheel.

More than 2,500 high school juniors and seniors were surveyed in 2010, researchers found that 90 percent believed their peers are more likely to drink and drive on prom night and 79 percent believe the same is true of graduation night. Alarmingly, only 29 percent of teens say that driving on prom night is very dangerous; 25 percent believe the same is true for graduation night.

With numbers like the ones above it is quite clear that parents and high school employees have to take charge during times like these. There is no reason why a teenager about to graduate or on their way to prom should be driving; there are a number of alternative ways to get around town. On graduation day, students should be so preoccupied with other activities that the idea of driving is not even a reality.

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