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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Police Find A Body At A Costa Mesa High School

A Mission Viejo man turned up dead in the parking lot of a Costa Mesa high school who authorities believe overdosed and was dumped by friends or acquaintances. Sadly, officers responded to reports of an unconscious man lying in his underwear in the parking lot of Estancia High School, when they arrived to find the body of Justin Daniel Wilson, 25, and pronounced him dead at the scene. No one knows whether or not Wilson was alive when he was dumped at the high school and despite a coroner's report not yet released the consensus by police is that this was a drug related death.

The authorities have found that Wilson was not linked to Estancia High School in anyway and he was never a student in the Newport Mesa Unified School District. As with most overdoses where a body is dumped, there are more questions than answers and the police are hoping that someone present at the time of the overdose will step up and come forward with information. Police theorize that because Estancia High School is in close proximity to a fire station it was the reason for Wilson's body being left where it was. Police say an anonymous call from a pay phone near Harbor Boulevard and Adams Avenue, less than two miles from the school led them to Wilson's body.

What kind of drugs may have been involved in the overdose have not been determined, but, more than likely heroin played a role in Wilson's death. We will be following the story as more facts are released regarding the case.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about the death to contact Sgt. Ed Everett at 714-754-5395 or Detective Carlos Diaz at 714-754-5097.

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