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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alabama Bans Alcohol Infused With Caffeine

Thankfully, more and more states are cracking down on alcohol infused energy drinks, even if it only contains caffeine and none of the other energy enhancers like Guarana or Taurine. Energy is the last thing that someone consuming large quantities of alcohol needs, yet, people seem to think that they can perform and function better if they have an extra kick - a jolt that may be fatal. The Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has banned the sale in Alabama of canned beer-like drinks that combine caffeine and alcohol. As terrible as drinks like Four Loko are, it was that drink and the effects that it had on a number of college students nationwide that finally opened up the eyes of state officials which has enabled bans to happen all over the country.

The Alabama ban came after the FDA declared alcohol infused energy drinks dangerous according to an ABC attorney Bob Martin. A letter was sent out on Feb. 2 to beer wholesalers in Alabama by the ABC Board administrator Mac Gipson informing them that it was now illegal to sell or distribute the drinks in Alabama. "This agency has rescinded its approval of beer and malt beverages which are produced containing a combination of caffeine and alcohol. These products may not be sold or distributed in the state of Alabama," Gipson said in the letter.

Drinks that combine alcohol with tea or coffee that naturally contain caffeine do not fall under the new ban, only drinks that are infused with drugs like caffeine are subject to removal according to Martin. The new ban will only prohibit the sale of such drinks that are pre-made and sold in stores; however, it does not stop bartenders from mixing the drinks for customers which leaves room for more fatalities from such drinks.

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