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Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Forbes Gets A Second Chance

Sometimes getting arrested can save a person's life, or at least that was the case for ex-mayoral aide John Forbes and many others like him. People who suffer from addiction will do anything to continue down the path that they are on; even people with successful careers will sell drugs in order to be able to continue supporting their habit. John Forbes was arrested last year for selling 125 OxyContin pills in his East Boston home and attempting to sell 10 ounces of cocaine in a separate undercover buy.

This prompted Forbes to enter into a drug treatment facility for 128 days, there he cleaned up his act and was reportedly an inspiration for others in the community becoming a leader willing to help others. Forbes' success in treatment was cause for his attorney to request that he receive probation and community service rather than prison. The judge sentenced Forbes to five years’ probation and 1,800 hours of community service.

"From the very beginning, I took it as my second chance. ... This was the best thing that ever happened in my life," Forbes said of getting arrested and later being sent to rehab, where, according to his counselors, he became sober and a leader to others struggling with addiction. Now, Forbes has plans to open his own treatment facility where he can continue helping others find recovery.

"Mr. Forbes is a success story . . . (that) you can beat this addiction,” said Forbes' attorney Rosemary Scapiccicho. "He walked in taking five OxyContin pills a day and he walked out . . .not just a stronger person, but a leader willing to help people."

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  1. I think John Forbes will do great. I belive in second chances. And I really hope he does open a treatment center, or do some councelling.
    I know someone a lot like John Forbes, and I realized I had been an enabler without even really meaning to be.
    I read a book recently called, "Soaring Above Co-Addiction", written by Lisa Espich . She's a great writer herself, helping others that struggle with Co-Addiction.
    Her new book, is sort of a memoir, that is full of tips, and resources for others.
    I really hope people see what I see and believe in second chances.


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