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Friday, December 24, 2010

Holiday Season Drinking

The holidays are a time for celebration, reuniting with family and friends for the first time all year. People tend to consume more alcohol during the Christmas season for a number of reasons, happiness or sadness, the fact that they are on vacation is often reason enough. There is another group who already drinks heavy throughout the year and Christmas becomes an excuse to drink more. There are some addicts who work a program of recovery and find it too hard to be around friends and family drinking in front of them, caving under the pressure many addicts will join in on the festivities often times leading to a disaster.

The roads become very unsafe around the holidays because of people having just one too many to drink and deciding to get behind the wheel. Often times it is alcoholics who relapse and think since they drank alcohol for so many years driving drunk would be like riding a bike; unfortunately that is not the case and drunk drivers put their life and the lives of other motorists at jeopardy. Everyone needs to work extra hard to convince people, that you know have been drinking, not to drive.

Here is a short video we encourage you to watch. Whiteside Manor hopes that everyone has a wonderful and safe Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember, we all have the power to save lives this holiday season and never hesitate to call for help.

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