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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DMX Violates Probation Cocaine

Drug and alcohol addiction has destroyed countless careers; addicts can only maintain their dependency for so long before adverse effects occur. Just about every day in the news we hear about people going back to jail or, worse, overdosing; we hear about celebrities all the time experiencing the problems that all those who are addicted deal with. One such celebrity is the Grammy Award winning rapper Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, who has been in and out of jail for drugs and many other crimes. It is unfortunate to see him repeatedly make the same mistakes over and over again all because of his addiction to cocaine. Authorities say rapper DMX has been arrested again, in Phoenix, Arizona, for violating his probation by using drugs.

Court documents released Friday allege he violated probation by using cocaine and Oxycontin, failing to submit to drug testing and driving on a suspended license. He was arrested Thursday. DMX has long been known to be a heavy cocaine user here is an idea of the grief the drug has caused him:
  • WHEN: June 25, 2004
    WHERE: JFK Airport, New York
    WHAT: Attempted robbery, criminal impersonation and criminal mischief
  • WHEN: May 7, 2008
    WHERE: Arizona
    WHAT: Speeding (114 mph)
  • WHEN: May 9, 2008
    WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona
    WHAT: Drug and animal-cruelty
  • WHEN: June 23, 2008
    WHERE: Miami, Florida
    WHAT: Invalid driver's license
  • WHEN: July 2, 2008
    WHERE: Arizona
    WHAT: Outstanding warrants
  • WHEN: July 19, 2008
    WHERE: Phoenix, Arizona
    WHAT: Medical identity theft

Earl Simmons, has been arrested twice for violating probation for 2009 felony convictions for cruelty to animals, theft and two drug counts. It is easy to see where drugs can take a person if they do not seek help for their problem, DMX has the resources to get help from some of the best in the field of addiction, yet, he refuses to surrender.

Probation officials want his probation revoked.

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