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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Michael Douglas has Throat Cancer from Cigarettes and Alcohol

Alcohol and cigarettes have long been thought to cause cancer and Michael Douglas is on board with that belief considering that he has recently announced that he has throat cancer. A month ago doctors discovered a tumor in the actor's throat and he is not trying to hide the cause, he has no doubt that his cancer was caused by his years of drinking and smoking. Stress may also be a factor considering his son's recent run-ins with the law because of drugs and also a legal battle about money from the upcoming Wall Street sequel. Stress may have been a factor, but, it is more likely that the cause came from the booze and cigarettes.

"I smoked cigarettes and I drank (alcohol) and this particular type of cancer is caused by alcohol... (but) it's been a long year and I do think this is stress related," he told David Letterman on The Late Show. Douglas is undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for the tumor and hopefully he will be able to recover. Douglas' wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, has been very supportive, but, wished that the cancer had been detected earlier, "I know maybe I should be stronger, but emotionally I just don't want to see that," she said. "The hardest part is seeing his fatigue, because Michael is never tired".

Here are the estimated new cases and deaths from throat cancer (including cancers of the larynx) in the United States in 2010:

  • New cases: 12,720 (laryngeal); 12,660 (pharyngeal)
  • Deaths: 3,600 (laryngeal); 2,410 (pharyngeal)

Please watch the short video below of Michael Douglas and Dave Letterman while the talk about the unpleasant turn of events in Michael's life.

"'You've never looked better to me, and this proves that you're a tough guy, for God's sakes", Letterman told his friend.

Source: CBS

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