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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rip Torn Ordered to Stand Trial on Gun, Trespass Charges

It was thought that Rip Torn would go to treatment for his alcoholism, but, now that doesn't seem to be the case. You may remember, back in February, we wrote about the incident that Torn was involved in, when Torn was heavily intoxicated and broke into a Connecticut bank with a firearm. He wasn't trying to rob the place; rather he was looking for a place to sleep which is why he took his shoes off upon entering the bank. Torn had already been in trouble with law because of his alcoholism, he received a DUI charge last year in New York. Torn should probably be in a treatment for his problem but the judge is not so sure.

Torn will be standing trial on charges related to his January 29 arrest inside a bank branch including a felony gun charge that carries a minimum one-year prison sentence. Despite Torn's lawyers pleas to let him dodge jail and keep his record clean, both the prosecutor and judge disagreed; they believe that the charges are too serious to let Torn serve his time in rehab.

Torn's attorney said, according to the LA Times, Wednesday "the actor has no recollection of events the night police found him lying intoxicated inside a bank branch, hat and shoes carefully removed, allegedly in possession of a loaded handgun with a permit two years' expired. He was participating at the time in a court-ordered diversion program for first-time drunk-driving offenders".

The actor is planning to be on board to reprise his role as Zed for "Men in Black 3," the 3-D third installment, which will start filming September 13 in New York according to IMDB. Going to jail would certainly get in the way of those plans, but, it looks like Torn will not be let off easy. It was reported by the LA Times that Torn did two months in-patient treatment and five months out-patient since he was charged back in late January.

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