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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Malicious Adults Use Drugs: Alcohol to Abuse Kids

There have been many reports of parents using drugs to keep their kids calm in an attempt to make their life easier, but, what they are doing is abusing their child to the point where they may become addicted to drugs. Everything from cold medicine, laxatives, and pain killers right on to illicit drugs are being forced upon children that are perfectly healthy with the hope of sedating their child. MSNBC recently reported that "about 160 kids are hurt in the United States each year — and at least two die — after being forced to ingest antidepressants, cough and cold medicines, even drugs to treat high blood pressure". There is no doubt that this is a form of child abuse that needs to be addressed, for this behavior is life threatening and simply unacceptable. Children are very delicate creatures and are in the most crucial developmental stages of their life, introducing drugs into their life dramatically reduces their chance for success and places them on a road that can only lead to addiction and/or death.

"We believe that the malicious use of pharmaceuticals may be an under-recognized form and or component of child maltreatment," said Dr. Shan Yin, who recently led a study conducted at the Rocky Mountain Poison and Drug Center in Denver. Dr. Yin specializes in medical toxicology; in his study he analyzed more than 21.4 million calls to the National Poison Data System between 2000 and 2008. With children younger than 7, Yin found 1,439 cases of kids who’d been exposed to drugs maliciously - some 172 children were seriously injured and 18 died. The reasons parents have for giving their children drugs vary, but, unfortunately poison center records do not mention the motives parents had for the poisonings, said Yin.

"Sedatives were used in more than half the cases Yin studied, often in combination with other drugs. Pain relievers were found in 176 kids; laxatives were used in 67. The average age of the victims was 2, which is consistent with other types of child abuse". What is happening to these children is unacceptable and what is worrisome is the fact that we only know about these cases because the children were taken to the hospital, there are many cases that go unreported. There are more parents abusing their children with drugs than everyone might think and there needs to be the strictest punishments for any parent caught giving their children drugs that they are not prescribed and certainly not illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin.

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