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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne Genome Mapping

Ozzy Osbourne is an oddity on a number of levels, his mannerisms and actions have made the world believe that he is a crazy - which may not be that far from the truth. Celebrities are constantly acting, always trying to hold up an image that people expect out of them; Ozzy's image happens to be a crazy one and he may not actually be acting. Ozzy used drugs and alcohol for a very long time, more than most and that has some people wondering how has he managed to live through his addictions, severe accidents, and reality T.V.? It is never fair to compare one addict's life to another, but Ozzy has scientists intrigued about why his body can handle abuses more than others; let's face it, Ozzy has probably consumed more drugs in his life than the majority those who have passed on.

Scientists are studying Osbourne's genetic code in order to determine why some people's mind and body can handle excessive substance abuse when countless others perish as a result of the damage done. In no way is Ozzy's ability to stay alive something to be proud of, the toll that drugs and alcohol put on his brain is absolutely staggering as is evident when you hear him speak. He may be alive but his cognitive faculties are lacking in a number of ways and if he didn't have an army of people keeping tabs on him, he may not be here right now to mumble about it.

Arguably, there are better candidates than Osbourne for genome mapping, it seems strange that he was chosen as an example of someone who could tolerate heavy drug use and lived to talk about it - let's face it; he has a hard time talking about anything. Ozzy Osbourne, The Prince of Darkness, fought addiction for forty years and he has dubbed himself a "medical miracle". I would argue that there isn't anything miraculous regarding years of drug and alcohol abuse!

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