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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sex Addiction Professional Golfer

Chris Keane/ Reuters
There has been a lot of talk about sex addiction across the country, due to the escapades of one professional golfer. Sex addiction is one of those things that many people have trouble wrapping their head around. The idea that having too much sex can be unhealthy is laughable to most; but to some people sex is an affliction, a weight on their back that influences every action just like the alcoholic with their alcohol. Only Tiger Woods knows whether or not he is a sex addict, but for most sex addicts there is a chemical release that happens during sex that keeps them coming back for more. Sex addicts are in constant need for the next fix just as the alcoholic is in need for the next drink; the high is what keeps the addict grounded.

One way I thought to explain sex addiction is like so, the alcoholic is not getting high off the drink, the drink causes a chemical release to occur, which is what the alcoholic can't have enough of. The same applies to the sex addict, the sex causes a release of chemicals in the brain; the sex itself is of no consequence, what is important is the changes that happen in the brain during the process of sex. People tend to have the idea that being addicted to something means that when you like a substance and you can't stop using it then you are addicted. That is not the case, you can interchange anything you want, an addict will be addicted to anything that gives them mental gratification. Sex, drugs, food, etc., many addicts after quitting one vice will instantly adopt a new vice to replace the old. Many alcoholics will use sex to fill the hole that use to be filled with alcohol - nothing more than a trade-off.

Recovery is about learning how, with the help of others, to balance your life without using external things to create an internal high that becomes overtaking. Addiction is not something that lives outside of us, it occurs in the brain; it has nothing to do with willpower or the lack there of. Tiger, if he is indeed a sex addict, is not just some sex crazed celebrity who can't keep his hands off. Rather, he is somebody who suffers from the same disease that has perplexed countless scientists and doctors for generations. Addiction is Addiction, it does not matter which word you put in front of it.

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