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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rip Torn May Find That Trying to Put Recovery On The Fast Track May Be Detrimental

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"I've never missed a day's work in my life," said the alcoholic bank robbing movie star Rip Torn. Torn, like so many alcoholics before him, has and has had the ability to be functional in his everyday life despite the disease of alcoholism. It's one of the most common mistakes amongst alcoholics, the idea that if one is able to function in everyday life then they have their addiction under control. That line of thinking has sent many people to the grave; the second you believe you are in control of your addiction is generally when your addiction has taken control of you. Unfortunately, one's disease will not relinquish control without the fight; it is a lot easier to walk towards hell then it is to walk away from it.

Rip Torn was found intoxicated with his shoes off inside a Connecticut bank, the problem is the bank was closed when Torn decided to make a withdrawal on the night of Jan. 29, 2010. Torn has struggled with addiction over the years, but, the 79 year old actor may have met his match with his recent insane activities. Torn recently pleaded not guilty to burglary and firearms charges from his January arrest, after he was moved from an inpatient treatment facility to an outpatient one. Torn's attorney, A. Thomas Waterfall, said to the court that, "Today we established with the court the excellent strides that Rip has made through his treatment".

It's been two months since Torn's incident and it is interesting that Torn is already in outpatient treatment. Torn is a 79 year-old alcoholic who has been drinking heavy for many years, to think that a couple months in inpatient treatment is enough time might be erroneous. Rip Torn may find that trying to put recovery on the fast track may be detrimental to his success; recovery is a life process that starts inside the rooms of 12 Step programs and treatment facilities, the strides you make at the beginning play a huge part in the overall success of one's recovery. Treatment is a great thing for people who want recovery, but, if you are just trying to stay out of jail then you are taking advantage of the system. Torn has all the money and time in the world to afford himself a long hiatus inside a treatment facility, there he can develop the skills and tools necessary to maintain a healthy recovery.

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