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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Teens Huffed Inhalants Before Other Drugs

A study shows that twelve year-olds are more likely to have tried huffing than any other drug. The National Inhalant Prevention Coalition published startling results, finding that more 12-year-olds have huffed dangerous inhalants than have used marijuana, cocaine and hallucinogens combined. Teenagers have been known to huff, will breathe in the fumes of just about any chemical solvents or condensed gases to achieve the desired euphoria and disorientation. Getting one's hands on solvents like Dust Off are as easy for teenagers to acquire as it is for the chemicals to kill them. In many cases parents never expect that their children would be consuming these household chemicals that it often goes undetected, inevitably ending with the death of a child.

There is no way to drug test your kids to find out if they have been huffing. "Parents can't see the signs," said Rachelle Gardner, Fairbanks' director of adolescence. "It's not a long-lasting affect like with marijuana or alcohol. You can't see them drunk and you can't see them stoned". You have to be 18 to buy keyboard cleaners and other inhalants like them, which does have some effect and prevents some kids from getting their hands on the potentially dangerous chemicals. Kids still find a way and keyboard cleaner around the house should be locked up or at least out of sight.

Here are some signs that your child might be huffing:

  • chronic sore throat
  • runny nose
  • moody
  • exhausted

Huffing is extremely dangerous and every parent should be aware of the dangers. Teenagers are curious people, it would be a shame if their curiosity brought them harm. Legal household substances including: aerosol sprays, nail polish, gasoline and air conditioner refrigerant should be closely monitored according to 6News. Huffing is the most popular in the Mid West but it happens all over the country by countless teens who are not aware of the inherent dangers.

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