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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dad Was Arrested For DUI, After Crash Killed His Three Kids

Not even a year after the tragedy on the Taconic Parkway this past summer, a horrific accident just occurred in the central valley of California. A dad was arrested for DUI, after a crash killed his three kids in southwest Madera County on Tuesday afternoon. There has not been a whole lot of information released at this point; we know from Sheriff Officials that on Tuesday afternoon Aref Kareem Mohammed of Firebaugh drove his mini-van head on into another vehicle. The other car had four passengers inside, all of which suffered both major and minor injuries; the fate of the three children who were not wearing seat belts in Mohammed's vehicle would not be so fortunate.

The thought of any parent driving while intoxicated with their children aboard is mind boggling, after hearing about the Taconic Parkway massacre this summer; when Diane Schuler drove the wrong way down the parkway crashing head-on with an SUV killing eight people including herself. Shock waves were felt around the world, people asking how or why an accident like this can take place. Parents began to question who they let drive their children when car pooling. Sadly, months later the Schuler story seems to be forgotten and history repeats itself once again.

Mohammed who was not seriously hurt will have to live with knowing that he killed his 6-year old twin sons and his 3-year old daughter Fatima. No punishment mankind could impose upon him could ever out-weigh the punishment of knowing that your actions resulted in the death of all your children. The AP reported that, "34-year-old Mohammed faces multiple charges, including DUI with gross negligence, child endangerment and driving under the influence of a controlled substance". There has not been any talk of vehicular manslaughter charges as of yet, but, it seems likely that more charges will be filed.

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