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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Safin Thinks that Agassi should "Give his Titles, his Money and his Grand Slam Titles" Back

The Andre Agassi public trial continues as he faces a barrage of scrutiny regarding what he revealed in his autobiography "Open". Just yesterday, Former No. 1 ranked Marat Safin thinks that Agassi should "give his titles, his money and his Grand Slam titles" back. Safin, like many other pro tennis players, has become outraged and cannot believe that Agassi would come out with this information. Why would Agassi do this, he doesn't need the money? Agassi had to believe that in one way or another the ATP will take action regarding what has happened. The ATP has still not commented on Agassi's confession, but, the tennis community is certainly speaking up.

"The ATP allowed him to win a lot of tournaments, a lot of money. It kept his secret. Why does he need to be so cruel with it? If he is as fair play as he says he is, he has to go to the end. You know, the ATP has a bank account and he can give the money back if he wants", Safin said to ESPN. What the ATP will make Agassi do is yet to be seen, although, it seems like Agassi is completely prepared to deal with the possible repercussions. Agassi couldn't live with the shame of having lied to the ATP, so he came clean regardless of the penalties. Agassi had a very interesting and stressful life and at one point he broke down and used methamphetamine to escape. Agassi broke free from the drugs and went on to win more championships sober.

In no way is Agassi's behavior back in 1997 excusable, maybe no action should be taken by the ATP. Agassi had an amazing career and it wouldn't have been so successful if he were high on Meth during all of those 20 years. Nobody is perfect, people make poor decisions from time to time; Agassi is one of those people, but, he had the courage to come clean even if it was years later. Maybe Agassi's courage will give other tennis players the strength to come forward or better yet, not mess with drugs at all.

See here: Part 2 Andre Agassi tells Katie Couric how he picked up his life and revived his career. He went from number 141 to the very top in the rankings, perhaps one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

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