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Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Killed At Another Drug Treatment Facility

 Killed Drug Treatment Facility
At least 10 people, patients and therapists, were killed at another drug treatment facility in Ciudad Juarez. Armed men attacked a rehabilitation clinic for drug addicts in the violent border city for the second time in two weeks, authorities said Wednesday. The streets of Juarez are chaotic to say the least, but, this is the sixth drug treatment center attacked in the last 13 months. As we reported earlier this month 18 people were slain in the same way September 2. "Scores of treatment centers for people suffering from drug and alcohol abuse have sprung up in Mexican cities, reflecting the country's fast-growing addiction problem. Once just a pathway for drugs headed to the United States, Mexico has become a consumer nation; the government says the number of addicts increased by 51 percent from 2002 to 2008", the San Francisco Chronicle reported. Unfortunately, homes of recovery and rehabilitation have become hideouts for the very same people trafficking the drugs and the centers are used as recruiting grounds. This stark reality has led to the horrific executions by rival gangs where, sadly, innocent bystanders get caught in the mix.

"Despite a heavy military presence, Juarez is Mexico's most violent city in a raging drug war that has claimed more than 13,000 lives since December 2006", according to the SFC. Nobody is safe from the violence, Tuesday's attack at the Life Annex treatment left dead Dr. Iram Ortiz, the director, along with one female patient, seven male patients, and one other doctor. The Life Annex, whose name has become rather counter intuitive, is a center located in a working-class neighborhood of Juarez. "A survivor, who watched the massacre from a hiding place inside the clinic, told reporters that as many as eight men opened fire at random, shooting patients and anyone else in the building".

The Coco Bongo nightclub in Juarez was attacked, Wednesday, as customers were celebrating Mexican Independence Day. This shooting left five people dead and there is no doubt that this attack was drug cartel related. Once again it seems very clear that there is no safe place for anyone along the border cities; hospitals, treatment centers, and even night clubs. What will it take for Mexico to take control of its country again? The "wild west" has clearly moved south into what has become the lawless lands of beautiful, yet dangerous, Mexico. My heart goes out to all the innocent people caught in the middle of this greed driven war to supply drugs into the United States. What will it take to cure the human epidemic?

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